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Understanding Economics

We have witnessed fabulous increases in our capacity to produce wealth. Millions can enjoy an ease and richness of life that was unimaginable a century ago. Yet, poverty has worsened. A third of the world’s people lack access to a safe, dependable water supply. Even in our richest cities, people are hungry and homeless. Why, in spite of tremendous increases in productive power, does poverty persist and deepen?

In this course you will be given powerful tools that will enable you to look beyond the headlines and numbers to see what might really be going on. You will learn precise definitions of key economic terms. You will gain an understanding fundamental economic laws and basic principles. Then you will find out how these laws and principles can be applied across a wide range of economic processes and issues.  You will learn to read economics information with a more discerning eye and gain a new perspective on the thorny economic problems plaguing us today - including some exciting ideas about where to look for real solutions.

Teacher: Sue Honsl